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Blum Law Group Investigates Michael DiMare Losses Against ING and Signator Investors

Blum Law Group is currently investigating former financial advisor Michael Joseph DiMare. According to sources, DiMare solicited his clients to invest approximately $2,000,000 in Ponzi schemes and other faux investment opportunities. DiMare started the scheme in 2001, offering investors bogus tax-free corporate bonds that did not exist.

These solicitations may have occurred when DiMare was employed with ING Financial Services and/or Signator Investors. We believe that the employing brokerage firms knew or should have known of, and recklessly disregarded DiMare’s sale of fraudelent investment products. Blum Law Group represents investors nationwide helping them recover their investment losses in Ponzi schemes and other fraudulent and/or unsuitable investments. If you believe you have been defrauded by DiMare, please contact us.

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