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Blum Law Group Files FINRA Arbitration Against Deutsche Bank Securities for Sale of the Aravali Fund

Blum Law Group is pursuing FINRA arbitration claims against Deutsche Bank Securities on behalf of investors for the sale of the Aravali Fund.

We continue investigating losses in the Aravali Fund and other funds which have suffered devastating losses. The Law Firm has filed claims on behalf of investors with accounts in the West Palm Beach and Miami offices of Deutsche Bank.

The Arbitration Claim alleges the Aravali Fund was sold to investors who were seeking income and safety of principal. The Aravali Fund ultimately plummeted in excess of 90% in value. The Aravali Fund used a very speculative arbitrage scheme and was highly leveraged. One Deutsche Bank advisor has been quoted as saying, “I was told by my firm (Deutsche Bank) and Aravali that this was a conservative, income producing strategy.”

Blum Law Group continues to investigate the matter including Deutsche Bank’s marketing of the Aravali Fund.If you wish to discuss this announcement or have information relevant to our securities and commodities arbitration claims, please contact Scott L. Silver, Esq. of Blum Law Group, at 1-877-STOCK LAW (1-877-786-2552) or visit us on the web at

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